Are you planning to visit Paros? Are you already here?

Well, we have prepared a warm welcome for you: special privileges and gifts, to feel the Parian hospitality in action!

We are a cluster of local businesses in (love with) Paros island, Greece.

Your authenticity guide. Your offer bearer. Your caring host.

For the special summer of 2020 we offer you... "A free try-out yoga class." "Free lessons of Greek and English singing." "Lear how to cook, and eat, a local dish." "Complimentary organic produce for the guests." "A free visit to Petaloudes or to Moraïtis wineries." "Complimentary brunch on board." "A voucher of 20€ that can be used to buy local products." "Complimentary local mezze to accompany wine or souma." "Add-on to the usual diving programs for certified and beginners." "For every 7 days boat charter, a free stay of 2 days in Villa Ble." "Free coffee for breakfast, complementary first glass of wine." "A free day for every 5 days stay." "1 extra free night for everybody booking for the season of 2020." "Free excursion to the Butterfly Valley or to the Cycladic Museum.." "Add-on offers either in over-nights or in restaurant." "15 to 20% discount on purchases over €20." "One free night for every 4 nights" "Catering: one complimentary portion for loyal customers or orders over €25." "Offer in items for purchases over €50 and 10% discount on the next purchase." "A free glass of Parian wine with food, 5% discount and every Thursday afternoon, presentation-degustation of a Parian recipe." "A welcome drink, a free descriptive map with the top 10 sights of Paros and detailed suggestions for..."